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Baked lotus root snack

Lotus roots are probably my all time favorite root vegetable. Not only they are super healthy (lots of fiber, full of vitamins and minerals), but also they are so tasty and have a… Continue reading

Green tea steam cake

Since I got requests from a few friends for the green tea stream cake, I decide to write on my blog so that I can share with more people. These steam cake is… Continue reading

Savory tofu

Do you like eating tofu often? Everyone in my family loves tofu, especially little K, so I’ve been trying to cook it in different ways. Not just being added as part of other… Continue reading

Simple yummy tuna sandwich

We rarely eat canned foods in our house, but canned tuna is an exception. I love how easy it is to whip up the sandwich in less than 15′, add some fruits, and… Continue reading

Mitarashi Dango

                     It turned out you see me again very soon :). I made these Mitarashi Dango a few days ago, and I’ve been getting… Continue reading

Totoro Choux Cream

           It’s been so long since I make a post because school has started. Today is Saturday and my husband took little K to the library for me to… Continue reading

Eggplants-Vietnamese style

Do you eat eggplants often? What is your favorite way to prepare eggplants? Me? I love eggplants, and I usually prepare it like my mom used to make for us. It’s absolutely my… Continue reading

Maki rolls

  It’s been a busy Saturday for us over here. We went for a car wash, picked up package from post office, cooked, went swimming, cleaned the house, went to the park. Such… Continue reading

Goat cheese and tomato tarts

  Hi everyone. Just pop in to share this amazing recipe from Ina Garten. I’m a fan of her. I made these goat cheese and tomato tarts at least 5 times already, and… Continue reading

Bear & Mickey almond pancakes

  Good morning everyone! Little K is recently very into Mickey Mouse, so I thought I would wake up early this morning to make Bear and Mickey pancake for him. I planed to… Continue reading