Totoro Choux Cream


           It’s been so long since I make a post because school has started. Today is Saturday and my husband took little K to the library for me to relax at home, so I made these Totoro Choux Cream Puffs as a surprise for them when they got home. Little K is recently very into Totoro. Since he saw the stuffed Totoro at a Japanese book store for the first time, he always recognize Totoro whenever he see the image. 



           I made these Choux Cream followed the recipe on Youtube. However, I piped into big oval shape and two small ovals for ears instead of round shape, then I baked them at 350F for 15′, then turned down the heat to 320F and baked for another 20′. Once the pastries were cooled down, I made small holes on the back and piped the cream into the pastries. I also used white and dark chocolate to draw eyes and nose. 

           Have a great weekend, everyone! See you in another post!