Mitarashi Dango



                   It turned out you see me again very soon :). I made these Mitarashi Dango a few days ago, and I’ve been getting requests on how to make them. Well, to be honest, these are not the best Dango I’ve eaten, but it’s a good alternative when you crave for it. Here is how I made them:


For Dango balls:

– 100g mochiko ( sweet rice flour)

– 100g rice flour

– 1 TBS sugar

– 2/3 C warm water

Mix together the ingredients in a bow first with a spatula, then knead with hand  until you have a soft dough that feel like your ear lopes. Divide the dough in 3 equal parts, then divide each part into 8 small balls. Cook the balls in a boiling pot of water until they float on the surface, continue cooking for 1 minute more. Move the balls to an ice water bath, keep them for 5′, then drain well. Skew 3 balls on each bamboo skewer. Grill the skewers directly on a gas stove, just to char the outside of the balls.

Ingredients for the sauce:

– 3 TBS brown sugar

– 2 TBS granulated sugar

– 1 TBS mirin

– 1 TBS soy sauce

– 4 TBS water

– 1 TBS corn starch

– 1 TBS water ( to dissolve corn starch)

In a sauce pan, heat sugar, mirin, soy sauce, 4 TBS of water until boiled. Mix corn starch in 1 TBS of water until dissolve, then pour into the sauce, continue stirring until the sauce is thick and clear in color. 

Smear the sauce over the dango to eat. 

Hope you enjoy.