Bear & Mickey almond pancakes



Good morning everyone! Little K is recently very into Mickey Mouse, so I thought I would wake up early this morning to make Bear and Mickey pancake for him. I planed to make normal pancakes for my hubby but he insisted to have Bear and Mickey pancakes too. I guess you are never too old to like Bear and Mickey pancakes. Aren’t they just adorable?

I made these pancake with my favorite recipe as usually. You can find this scrumptious almond pancake recipe on Julia’s blog here.

Except this time I used a bear pan that I bought a garage sale last week (for 50 cents).




After the pancake was cook in once side, I flipped it into a regular pan to cook the other side. I found it was much easier that way than to flip back into the bear pan. Then I decorate the pancake with Nutella, raspberries,  and banana.

Have fund cooking everyone!