Japanese vintage geta shoes cards

I love Japanese vintage geta shoes, so when Casology‘s new challenge with cue card “wood”, I knew right away that I want to do something related to those shoes image. After a few failures trying to make the wood shoes base with card stock, I got out my polymer clay set that I bought for at least four years ago. I was in luck the clays haven’t dried out. It did take me a while to get the wood grain color on the base right, but the result was so satisfying.




Isn’t it fun? Love those shoes. I also made a version for him:


The shoes/sandals bases were made with polymer clay. I then made holes and baked. The shoes thong was made using kitchen twine that I dyed with red and black acrylic paints. The sentiments were stamped and heat embossed ( it was the first time for me to use heat embossing technique- so amazing.) After that the shoes were glued the card by foam dots, just to even the twine that lay underneath. The card look cuter in real life for sure.

Have a great weekend everyone!