Dress up push pins

Hello everyone. I hope you’ve had a great week so far. I made a pin board using fabric to cover but those plastic push pins don’t look so good on it, so I decided to dress up those pins with fabric too. They turned out to be so cute and looking at those tiny colorful dots just make me happy.



This is how they look on the board


These were how they started with


Here are some tutorials on how to dress up these plastic push pins by fabric:

You will need:

  • Sphere plastic push pins (like ones above)
  • Fabric of your choice ( It’s best to use tiny patterned fabric)
  • Modpodge ( I used matte finish)
  • Fine point scissor
  • Small brush


  1. Cut a small square fabric enough to cover the pin head. Apply a layer of modpodge on the pin head. Cover the head with the fabric square. Try to smooth out any winkle, then trim off access fabric.
  2. Wet the edge with modpodge, then use your finger tip to push in the edge. Don’t worry that the edge is thready, and doesn’t stick to the pin head at this point.
  3. Leave the pin on a pin cushion to dry for about 1-2 minutes. Now the modpodge around the edge is almost moldable ( not completely dried)
  4. Use your finger tip to push in the edge. Now it will look neat and no more thread around. Cover the whole pin head with modpodge again. Leave to dry for about 1 hour or more.

These is how they turn out. Cute right?

I hope you enjoy making them.

Have a fabulous weekend!