Modpodge craft storage drawer make over




          I bought this craft storage drawer at an estate sale. I was a little hesitated at first because It was a cheap looking drawer with silver panted plastic knobs. However the lady offer free delivery and it was pretty a bargain comparing buying a new one. I used some patterned papers that I had on hand. The sheets weren’t big enough to cover the length of the drawers so I had to cut the papers into small rectangular pieces and glued them together with Modpodge. I also used some tea dye distress ink around the edges to create a more uniform look, since the layout was made from small pieces. As for the knobs, I used some origami papers as they are thinner and more flexible to cover around the knobs. After letting them dry for a few hours, I covered the entire thing with Modpodge to finish. I may have to spray with acrylic seal later too.

        I have to say I’m very pleased with the result since it was my first time using Modpodge. I have to find more project using Modpodge. I’m in love!I want to cover everything in our house now 🙂 Isn’t the drawer look beautiful?
Happy Tuesday everyone!